Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union
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Brooklyn Cooperative - Federal Credit Union
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Facts & Financials

We have worked hard over nine years to give our members the banking tools and educational programs they have needed to manage their money wisely.

Credit Union Success: What the Numbers Show
As a result of our services and partnership with the community, we have been rewarded with tremendous growth. From an initial capitalization of $500,000, which was contributed by community members, our assets have grown to more than $12 million today.  As of mid-2010, our accomplishments include:

  • 4,500 loans made
  • 350 businesses provided with technical support
  • 10,435 tax returns prepared free of charge
  • 600 new homebuyers educated
  • 240 homeowners counseled to avoid foreclosure
  • 20% asset growth (2009)
  • 6,600 members and growing