Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union
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Brooklyn Cooperative - Federal Credit Union
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Meet our staff.

Staff Contacts
Cathie Nieves, COO x2050 

Claudia Fernandez, Loan Officer x2130

Claudia Reyes, Teller x300 

Cynthia Arrieta, Head Teller & EFT Manager x2000
Daniel A. Gonzalez, Director of Lending x2030
Emmanuel Vega, Teller x2000

Erika Salcedo, Teller x2000

Rebecca Pear, Director of Member Services / Small Business Tax Counselor x2100

Samira Rajan, CEO x2020

Shameka Calhoun, Branch Manager x3000 
Grow Brooklyn
Anthony Mohen Forecloser Prevention Lawyer, x2120  

Lani Rahman, Foreclosure Prevention Lawyer x2090

Lisa Feliciano, Foreclosure Prevention Counselor x2060

Tammy Wills, Volunteer Tax Program  Director x2110