Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card?

To report a lost or stolen card, please call 1-888-241-2510.  You mail also contact us during business hours by telephone at (718) 418-8232 x0, or email at

What is my Routing Number?
Brooklyn Cooperative’s routing number is 026084262.  This works for all ACH / electronic funds transactions such as direct deposit, Paypal, Venmo, etc.
For questions about wire transfers, please contact us at 718-418-8232 x0 or  You may also make a domestic wire transfer request by logging onto online banking and completing the wire transfer request form.
When do my savings and checking account statements arrive?

Savings account statements are sent out quarterly, while checking account statements are sent monthly.

A better option is to have your statements delivered electronically.  Choose e-statements in your online banking to save paper and avoid waiting for mailed statements.

Should I open a checking account?

There are a few reasons to open a checking account.  You may wish to write checks or pay bills and make transfers online, or you may want to obtain an ATM/debit card.  Refer to the question ‘Which checking account is right for me?’ to decide which type of checking account is best for you.

Which checking account is right for me?

This depends on what type of account features you expect to need.  If you plan to make debit card purchases or multiple ATM withdrawals, then Simple Checking is best.  There is no monthly fee and up to 4 free ATM withdrawals per month.  Any month in which your average balance falls below $1200 you will be charged $6.

If you do not need a debit card and know you will not have a balance of $1200, the ATM Only Checking is best.  The monthly fee is $2.50 regardless of your balance.  There is a $1 fee for each ATM transaction.  All electronic transactions (including electronic bill pay) are always free.

For business checking accounts, there are also two options:

With the ATM Only Checking account, you may order checks, and qualify for online banking and an ATM card. All electronic transactions are free.  There is no monthly fee with a minimum balance of $5,000 and $15 if the balance falls below.

The Unlimited Business Checking account is free with a minimum balance of $15,000, and $25 if it falls below.  Debit cards, checks, online bill pay are all allowed on this account; unlimited ATM withdrawals may be made with the Debit card.

Brooklyn Coop does not charge for incoming wires, individual ACH transactions on checking accounts, any online banking activity, or bulk cash deposits. Note that any changes to these fees would appear in the Fee Schedule.

How do I change my address?

The easiest way is to change your address online once you have logged into your Brooklyn Coop account.  There is a ‘Forms’ button above your balance information, in which you will a ‘Change My Address’ option.

Another option is to bring in a new proof of address (such as a recent bill or correspondence).

Last, you may email us a scan of your new proof of address as long as you’ve printed your name, the date and your account number with your signature.  Email to info[a]

Can I deposit my wife's tax return check into my account? I've been a member for over 10 years.

You can deposit your wife’s tax return check only if she is a signer on your account and she has endorsed the check. Third-party government checks are not allowed and there are no exceptions.

I'm moving to Texas. Can I keep my membership open?

Of course! But please fill out a change of address form. You can send your deposits through the mail, make transfers over the phone or online, and even apply for loans.

Can I add my friend to my account without being present?

No. Your friend must accompany you to the credit union and bring a photo ID and social security number in order to become joint on your account.

Do I earn dividends on my deposit accounts?

You may earn dividends on your savings account but not on your checking account.

Does the Credit Union share my personal information with other companies?

No, we do not sell or share member information with other companies. The Credit Union does report all loan information to the credit reporting agencies that may include Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax.

What is the best way to contact Brooklyn Cooperative if I need assistance?

You may call us at 718-418-8232 x0 or you may email us at

What is the difference between a credit union and a bank?

Both a credit union and a bank are corporations, owned by their shareholders.  The difference is that a credit union’s shareholders are its depositors. This means that the people who use the credit union’s services on a daily basis can also influence the direction in which the credit union grows, its loan and account policies, and many other governing decisions.  By contrast, a bank’s shareholders are investors, people who are interested mostly in how profitable the bank is rather than how the bank treats its customers.

How can BCoop help me build my credit report?

There are three ways in which we can help you build up your credit report.  First, we offer free financial counseling.  Call either our office or 311 to make an appointment.  The counselor will go over your credit report, let you know how to repair negative items, and help you with strategies to improve your score.

Second, any member of the credit union can positively impact their score through a credit builder loan. These loans are automatically approved and have no minimum or maximum amount so you can take out a loan that is the right size for your budget.

Third, BCoop has a flexible loan process that allows people with negative items to qualify for a loan by bringing in a co-signer or starting with a small amount.

Brooklyn Cooperative’s routing number for ACH / EFT transactions*:  026084262

For questions about wire transfers, please contact us at 718-418-8232 x0 or info[at]  You may also make a domestic wire transfer request by logging onto online banking and completing the wire transfer request form.

* This includes direct deposit, paypal, Venmo…

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