Personal Credit

Loans and credit cards

Personal loans and credit cards allow you to finance important expenditures like travel, moving expenses, or family occasions such as weddings or communions.

You can consolidate high-interest credit card debt with a Brooklyn Cooperative personal loan so that you’ll have one fixed monthly payment. You can also perform a balance transfer from outside debt into our low introductory-rate credit card to save on interest payments.

  • Repay over a reasonable period of time at a fair interest rate.
  • Your interest rate doesn’t increase if your payment is late.

Download a personal credit application here. (Español)
If you would like to bring a cosigner, download the cosigner application here. (Español)


Loan Type Loan Size Rate Maximum Term Fees*
Personal loans $500 – $15,000 Fixed. See app for current rate 12 years $25 late fee
Credit cards $500 – $10,000 Variable.
See app for current rate
Open-end No annual fee
$25 late fee
$25 bounced payment fee
All personal loans must have a security deposit equal to at minimum 20 percent of the approved amount. This amount is frozen in your account while the loan is in repayment. Once the loan is paid off the deposit is unfrozen and you may withdraw it.

* There is a $25 application fee per person for any loan or credit card. Life and disability credit insurance is strongly suggested for some personal loans above $5,000.