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Foreclosure Prevention Program

Grow Brooklyn offers free advice and individual counseling designed to give you all the tools you need to understand what’s happening with your mortgage and prevent foreclosure where possible. So if you’re behind on your payments and struggling under the burden of an unaffordable loan, our foreclosure prevention counselors can help.

Foreclosure Prevention Program

Come In and Begin
To move forward, you’ll first need to understand how you arrived where you are. Your counselor will go over your income and expenses with you to get to the root cause of your difficulties.

Next, your counselor will work with you to set up a budget plan that will put your finances in the best possible order.

Your foreclosure prevention counselor will review mortgage documents with you to help you understand foreclosure-related correspondence.

Assistance with Loan Modifications
A counselor will explain the options that are available to you and will help you understand which one might be right for you. Counselors may aid you in applying for help through government- and bank-specific programs such as loan modification or repayment agreements.

Obama Administration Makes Homes Affordable
Grow Brooklyn works with the government’s Making Home Affordable Program. The program gives home owners the opportunity to make monthly payments more affordable by modifying or refinancing a troubled mortgage. For more information about these government resources, please see

Talk To Us Today
Our Foreclosure Prevention Program is free. If you’re in danger of losing your home, don’t wait a day longer. Contact us for more information at 718.418.8232 x 2060 or x2090, or e-mail



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